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Baggage Hatch kit for CH750
£74.99 ex. VAT
Cable slap protector (pair)
£10.00 ex. VAT
CH750 Header tank with fuel FITTINGS and  TPU  buffers
£666.66 ex. VAT
Colour of TPU buffers
CH750 Header tank with TPU  buffers
£541.66 ex. VAT
Colour of TPU buffers
CH750/701 Tail Skid (standard)
£160.42 ex. VAT
Vinyl Slat Checkers
£49.99 ex. VAT
Tie down ring with washer and nut
£16.66 ex. VAT
1080 bungee
£50.21 ex. VAT
1080HD bungee
£50.21 ex. VAT
Cabin heat muff for ULPower/Rotax/Zenair
£83.33 ex. VAT
For muffler diameter
100mm muffler (eg ULPower)
130mm muffler (eg Zenair)
140mm muffler (eg Rotax)
CH701 Gear rubbers (alternative)
£49.99 ex. VAT
CH750 Gear rubbers (alternative)
£49.99 ex. VAT
MATCO fitting - Elbow MSC269P
£4.16 ex. VAT
MATCO fitting - straight MSC268P
£4.16 ex. VAT
MATCO fitting - T MSC264P
£8.33 ex. VAT
Parker Superflex  3/8" (per M)
£19.16 ex. VAT
Metal Seagulls is the Zenair (Zenith) dealer for the UK. Jonathan and Patricia have built many CH aircraft, including working on the EAA 2014 One Week Wonder CH750 CRUZER.  We are pleased to offer a wide range of spares and customised Zenair products from stock and can obtain most other parts to order. If you can't see it here, drop us an email with a picture and if possible a part number!