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Spark Plug
£5.92 ex. VAT
Aeroshell 15W50 Oil (1qt)
£8.33 ex. VAT
Oil Filter  ULPower Genuine Part
£10.21 ex. VAT
Oil sump plug gasket
£0.50 ex. VAT
ULPower Fine Fuel Filter
£24.00 ex. VAT
ULPower Pre-filter for ULPower pumps
£6.00 ex. VAT
ULPower Aerobatic Engine Oil Additive
£30.83 ex. VAT
ULPower Fuel Pump
£101.25 ex. VAT
20A toggle switch
£8.33 ex. VAT
50A Start button
£14.99 ex. VAT
£12.50 ex. VAT
Injected Engine Grommet plates
£41.63 ex. VAT
UL Power 260 / 390 service pack
£42.50 ex. VAT
UL Power 350 / 520 service pack
£42.50 ex. VAT
ULPower Aero Engines are direct drive, air and oil cooled FADEC engines.  We love them! Offering from 97  to 200hp, the engines are available in a 'complete package' with pretty much everything apart from oil and fuel lines (we include exhaust, oil cooler, first service spares, EFIS cable, and so much more). If you cannot see a spare you are looking for, please call... and to the engines and why we chose them... call us or take a look here http://ulpower.uk/why-we-chose-ulpower