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TWO TO ONE MODEL - this unit is for two cabin throttles to one throttle body (such as ULPower, Rotax 912iS, 915iS, 916iS, Jabiru, etc)

The Metal Seagulls Throttle crank was originally designed to allow dual throttles in Zenith CH750 and CH650 aircraft.  The custom made throttle crank allows a 20% increase in throttle throw over the throttle body movement, reducing spring force 'feel' at the throttle and allowing more precise throttle adjustments.  It is readily adapted to a range of airframes and throttle solutions.

Approved for use in the UK by the LAA, this unit can be used with throttle quadrants, friction lock and vernier throttles (provided they also have a 'free movement' setting), allowing smooth coupling of two throttles in the cockpit to one throttle body (eg 912iS, 915is, 916iS, ULPower).

The kit comes with

    • 1 Throttle crank system comprised of
      • 1 U channel base
      • 1 square carrier bell crank
      • 2 throttle axles
      • 2 grub screws and 2  cotter pins
      • 6 cable stops
      • M8 washers
      • AN4 washers
      • AN3 bolt/nut/washer
      • 4130 bushing
    • 1 x Base plate pre-mounted with cable adjuster and doubler extrusion
    • 2 x M6 bolts with nuts and washers
    • 1 x drilling guide 
    • 1 x bell crank to throttle cable 
    • Small locker block (used on ULPower installations)
    • instructions for installation

NOT INCLUDED:  Throttles/quadrants/bell crank to cabin hardware.

Suggest use of A800 throttle cables with firewall passthroughs.  These are available from Metal Seagulls on request.  Always speak to us to make sure you are getting all the parts you need for your dual throttle installation. 

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Throttle Crank - 2-cabin throttle to 1-throttle body

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