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Our Metal Seagulls Static Ports are simple to install - and can be installed 'externally' or 'internally'.

Using the field proven solution of the 'hollow rivet system' but WITHOUT the 'risk to the skin of your aircraft from the clunking pin removal', we carry out the pull and set of the rivet into a circular carrier allowing rapid and easy installation - either internally or externally to the skin.  Most people fit internally.  

Made from 6061T6 material the disk has three locating holes and is easily installed using the supplied instructions.

We can make custom variations of this product on demand.

Each kit comes with two ports, with adaptor hoses fitted ready to receive 6mm or 1/4" OD lines by push fit and a choice of  1/8" (A4) rivets (either Zenair style for formed head rivet setting, or a pulled dome head rivets that uses a regular rivet gun).  Solid rivets may be used, but are not supplied.

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