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2A fuse (replacement)
£0.83 ex. VAT
2A inline fuse holder and fuse
£5.00 ex. VAT
Aerospace Wire (per metre)
£1.50 ex. VAT
Diode with connectors
£10.00 ex. VAT
Dual USB Port
£66.67 ex. VAT
Earth Tree/Bus Bar
£19.17 ex. VAT
Injected Engine Grommet plates
£41.63 ex. VAT
Master Relay with diode
£40.00 ex. VAT
TC range Klixon 'Pullable' Breakers
£19.99 ex. VAT
2 A
5 A
10 A
15 A
30 A
When you consider your aircraft electrical system, remember you do not want to be fixing it in flight, nor clambering under that panel upside down like a bat at rest!  For that reason, we only offer high quality electrical items, ones that WE use.  We can source other products, to suit your requests too.