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40% Wood Spiral Stick Grip (each)
£56.67 ex. VAT
Cabin heat muff for ULPower/Rotax/Zenair
£83.33 ex. VAT
For muffler diameter
100mm muffler (eg ULPower)
130mm muffler (eg Zenair)
140mm muffler (eg Rotax)
Cable slap protector (pair)
£10.00 ex. VAT
Cessna (and other 3/4") pitot cover
£33.33 ex. VAT
CH750/701 Tail Skid (standard)
£137.50 ex. VAT
Injected Engine Grommet plates
£41.63 ex. VAT
Tie down ring with washer and nut
£13.33 ex. VAT
TPU Spiral Stick Grip (each)
£56.67 ex. VAT
Vinyl Slat Checkers
£41.66 ex. VAT
Here at Metal Seagulls we love making things and solving problems. Part of that includes making extensive use of our 3D printing experiences, and our various tools and resources such as vacuum infusion composites and mould making facilities. Whether is is developing a new part or making another of our favourites, we look forward to serving you with the parts you need!