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Many of our customers like to use a drilled and tapped hole (rather than the self-tappers provided with the kit) for their windshield.  Therefore, we have put together a set of A4 grade stainless steel bolts for the purpose.  Being M5 they can be used on existing holes from 'self tappers' too (so if you have had an oopsie with the self tappers - these should work - provded the hole is not too oopsie-ed!)

Most installations use 7 or 8  bolts down the sides (2 sides, 14 - 16) and 7 or 8 across the top (longer bolts).  therefore, this set of wide head bolts has 20 short and 10 long bolts - because you will drop one - and spares are nice to have!

Some tips (these are provided as what WE do, and you must make your own call, with your inspector!):

1. We recommend a clearance hole in the windshield material  (we use 8mm on ours) to make sure that the windshield material DOES NOT come into contact with the bolt - remember expansion and contraction may lead to cracking!

2. NEVER use Loctite - it will crack the windshield

3. Always us a drill bit for acrylic!  (sometimes a step drill will work too - test it on a scrap first!)

4. Work on a warm material - we like 25C for working on acrylics/polycarbonates. (actually we like 25C all year round - but it is good for the materials too!)

5. We use clear RTV or a neutral cure silicone as a thread-lock and as a barrier between the materials.... (generally takes 24 - 72 hours to cure)

6. Having said that NEVER use bathroom silicone (or any silicone that smells of vinegar - ie acetic acid cure or acetoxy )

7. Put that RTV on the thread and work the bolt in gently - DO NOT OVER TORQUE - you don't want to crack the screen!

8. Measure twice - or three times - sometimes four - but only drill and tap once!

9. Always check with your inspector before installation.

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CH750 Stainless Steel bolt set for windshields

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