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Our custom made CH750 header tank was developed based on our extensive flight experiences with the high-wing Zenair/Zenith aircraft in West Africa.  When the wing tank(s) are low, and you carry out un-coordinated turns or steep descents it is possible to 'unport' the wing tank feed to the engine.  Clearly, sucking air into any engine can cause rough running or engine stoppage - especially with injected engines (carb-engines can vent small amounts of air through the carb bowl breathers).  

When installing injected engines, the header tank facilitates an easier installation and management of fuel.  It is possible to leave both wing tanks on feed as you 'supply from' and 'return to' the header tank, with vapour venting to the wing tanks and a greater assurance of a continuous fuel supply to your engine.

Modern injected engines  (such as ULPower and Rotax iS series) plan for approximately 120 litres per hour flow  over the engine (even if the engine is only burning 10 to 20% of that), consequently a  suitable volume of header tank is required.

This beautifully crafted aluminium tank holds approx. 7.5litres / 2USGal of fuel  and comes with a full set of CH750 TPU  buffers (choice of white, black or red buffers) which have been specially produced to ensure that the installation is smooth and easy.  

Each header tank is fitted with 1/4" NPT ports as follows

1  'slope' vent port (top of the slope)
1 'bottom' port for feed to engine
1  'bottom' port  for return from engine port
2  'side' ports (intended for one per wing tank)

Furthermore, the tank is pre-fitted with

1  'spare' bottom port (used for transducer or other sensor/feed)
1  'side' port spare - for level/temp sensor or ferry tank inlet
1 'slope' port spare - for  level/temp sensor or ferry tank inlet.
(If not used, please plug with 1/4NPT plugs)
and a 'rear bottom' 'Earth' connector point

1 x Header Tank
1 x set of TPU buffers
1 x Earthing wire with connectors
1 x Mounting kit comprising of fixing strap (galvanised steel) and a top stop (aluminium) with bolts, washers and rivets
1 x  Epoxy resin glue set for sticking the buffers in place

Our 1/4" NPT fuel presence sender kit can be found here



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CH750 Header tank with TPU buffers

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