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This simple add-on for CH650 builders composes of 4 x 600mm -6 fitting/3/8"barb lines, with 2 additional finger screens (to disperse returning fuel) and 4 x  1/4" NPT to -6 adaptors. Furthermore, two syringes are included with a small amount of special sealant/lubricants for the assembly on your aircraft.

To install:

1. fit the finger screens (2 from your original kit, plus two from this kit) to the fuel tank supply and return lines using the 'dark' sealant. 
2. Insert the aluminium tubes into the standard position grommets, with the 'barbed' ends towards the cockpit.  
3. Fit the fuel tanks into position.
4. Fit the 1/4"NPT -6 adaptors using the 'dark' sealant
5. Smear the smallest amount of 'light' sealant on the male mating surface WITHOUT getting any in the 'bore'.
6. Attach the blue female -6 on the aluminium tube to the fuel tank -6 adaptor.
7. Pressure check before fitting to the aircraft.
8. Once fitted to the aircraft use 3/8" hose over the barbed end of the aluminium line with a suitable collar or clamp.

As always, make sure your inspector and/or local regulations are adhered to.  You remain responsible for your fuel system installation.

We recommend 3/8" fuel line 'Parker Superflex' for the hose side of the installation.

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CH650 Aluminium fuel line for wings kit -6 / 3/8" lines

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