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Produced from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), this Pitot cover offers protection to the aircraft pitot as well as ensures that it can be quickly traced back to its owner should it be left behind (if the aircraft Registration option is chosen)!  Not only will this cover float if dropped in water, but it is also 'soft' to protect the pitot head and reduce accidental human head bump damage! Features a very slightly conical orifice for ease of fitting/removing with a lower bleed point to avoid pressurising the system/permit easy fitting/removal which automatically gets closed by sliding home the cover.

Product includes cover and 'key ring' .  We recommend adding a 'REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT' or red ribbon to the product.  Do check that your pitot tube is 3/4" diameter before ordering.  DO NOT use pitot heat with product fitted to pitot tube. DO REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT!

Image for illustrative purposes only.  Custom Registrations or other text may be included.  Standard colour is RED other colours may be available as may other designs to suit custom applications.



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Cessna (and other 3/4") pitot cover

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