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Yup, we got frustrated about the muffs that go onto the muffler for cabin heat systems.... so, we set about designing a product that is a bit more robust, and has some nice features... it is beaded to add strength and a 'block point' for the stainless steel bands holding them on... the 2" scat hose connection has a machined lip to reduce the likelihood of your hose slipping off too...  We kept the width down to approximately 155mm...and we made them up to suit Rotax standard mufflers, Zenair/Zenith standard mufflers and ULPower standard mufflers. In our own build with a ULPower muffler we chose to fit two and use them as heat shields for the engine mount rubber as an added bonus!

Images for illustrative purposes only.  Supplied as 1 heat muff and 2 stainless steel attachment bands.

Select the correct 'muffler diameter' - muff is approx 35mm larger diameter and 180 degree.  May be cut / adjusted to fit.

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Cabin heat muff for ULPower/Rotax/Zenair

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